After just seven years, the Navy decommissioned the third littoral combat ship of the Freedom-class from service.

In a solemn ceremony last week, the United States Navy decommissioned the littoral combat ship USS Milwaukee (LCS-5), marking the end of a brief yet eventful chapter in its maritime history. The decision to retire the vessel, which had served for a mere seven years, resulted from persistent issues that had plagued it for a mere twenty days after its commissioning.

The Navy’s announcement of this early decommissioning was closely followed by plans to retire nine other littoral combat vessels, all linked to a defect involving their combining gears. As the third and latest of the Navy’s decommissioned Freedom-class ships, the USS Milwaukee’s retirement echoes a broader narrative of challenges and accomplishments.

Navigating Early Challenges: The USS Milwaukee’s Troubled Start

Commander Jason Knox led the decommissioning ceremony, taking a moment to reflect on the ship’s contributions to the Navy’s growth and safety efforts.