China’s Foreign Ministry denounced the latest Pentagon report on Chinese military developments, claiming that it was full of untruths and based on an outdated “Cold War” mentality. The report describes in detail the People’s Liberation Army’s advances in air, ground, sea, nuclear, and cyber warfare, as well as Chinese island building in the South China Sea.

Hong Lei, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, claimed that the report “made unfounded accusations against the development of Chinese national defense.” He claimed it was “full of prejudice against China,” and that the U.S.—not China—was responsible for militarizing the South China Sea. A spokesman for the Defense Ministry said the report had “severely damaged” trust between the two countries.

Lei stated that China had made “solemn representations” to the U.S. State Department, and urged the U.S. to “cast aside the Cold War mentality.” China’s remarks on the annual report were the strongest to date. So far, China has not stated what in the report it considers “unfounded accusations.” The report is generally no different than past reports, with the exception of an expanded section on island construction in the South China Sea.
Image courtesy of Pinterest via Popular Mechanics