A bizarre game of aerial cat-and-mouse unfolded on the razor’s edge of the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan’s defense ministry reported a staggering six Chinese balloons skirting the island, one brazenly floating overhead.

This wasn’t just a few pieces of latex drifting aimlessly—it was a chess move in a high-stakes game that was cranking up the military heat and stirring the pot of regional unease.

Let’s cut through the fog and take a look at what was really going down.

Aerial Intruders and the Muscle Flexing

Taipei’s brass had their radars locked on an unprecedented aerial parade: six Chinese balloons drifting with a purpose.

These aren’t your county fair variety; they’re floating at 15,000 to 17,000 feet—high enough to be more than just a navigational nuisance.

Spotted across the north and south, they painted a clear picture: Beijing’s flexing its muscles.