Preferred dog of the SEAL Teams for good reason. Belgian Shepherds like the Malinois are medium-sized dogs that hail from the Sheepdog family. That’s right an actual “Sheep Dog”. Bred primarily to be working dogs these K-9s found their way into service and have been operating at the highest levels within Special Operations commands.

Bred for function over fashion these dogs sport a variety of “looks”, but all share the standard build of about 2 feet tall weighting about 60 pounds. These dogs are fiercely loyal, protective and hardworking. Their smaller size is one of the reasons they have risen to the top of the Special Operations selection process as they’re easier to pick up, jump in or climb with, but are packed with drive so they can still whoop some bad guy ass when called upon to do so.

Missing My Pack

I’ve been out of the teams for several years now and have found the separation from the brotherhood to be nearly unbearable at times. When I called Mike Ritland, former teammate and owner of Trikos international, he described the Belgium Malinois to me and I knew that was going to be the dog for me. If you read the description of their temperament you’ll notice it’s nearly the exact same as any Team guy.

They have excessively high prey drive and are excessively exuberant or playful. This level of energy often spans from their youth into adulthood. They can be destructive and develop bad behaviors if not given enough stimulation and exercise. This often causes problems for owners who are not familiar with such a breed.