It’s unfortunate how war could come and destroy nations— crushing hopes, taking lives, erasing cities. If you’re unlucky enough, then you might find your country or city being visited by war twice, maybe thrice. No matter what it is, I’m pretty sure it’s not as bad as Belgrade: a city so geographically unlucky that they battled over not only one or two but 115 wars, and it had been destroyed and rebuilt 44 times.

Belgrade’s Geographical Location

Belgrade was the capital of Yugoslavia, located on the crossroads of the Sava and Danube Rivers— the meeting point of different civilizations. That would mean that if Europe wanted to invade the Middle East, they’d have to pass through Belgrade first. That goes true the other way around.

Its valleys were also attractive to invaders. These were the main reasons why Belgrade became a regular when it came to invaders.

Before any sort of invasion, Belgrade was occupied by Paleo-Balkan tribes of Thracians and Dacians who farmed its rich land until the Celtics arrived in 279 BC and called the city “Singidūn,” becoming its first invader and ruler for more than 200 years.