The barbell bench press is the world’s most popular weightlifting exercise. Even though it is somewhat over-marketed compared to full-body lifts like squats or power cleans, the barbell bench press remains one of the most popular exercises among weightlifters.

The bench press is the most effective upper-body pushing exercise for lifting the maximum weight. It allows you to gain muscle mass and strength in your chest, arms, and shoulders—quickly.

This guide provides straightforward bench press tips and tricks that significantly boost your performance and shoulder health.

#1. It is best to do bench presses first in your workout.

Doing other weightlifting exercises that use the same muscle groups as benching can make you weaker on the bench press by fatiguing the muscles.

Make the bench press the first weightlifting exercise in your workout.

#2. Do not rush into your exercise routine; take the time to warm up properly.

Many weight trainees need to pay more attention to the importance of warming up properly before performing the bench press exercise. Warming up correctly is one of the simplest and most intuitive bench press tips, yet it is crucial to avoid restricting your strength. 

#3. Having a good weight bench is crucial for getting a good workout.

The weight bench should have the following specifications/characteristics:

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