One of the great debates among ammunition is what is the best ammunition for personal defense. Even before the ammo types, the greater debate was 9mm vs. 45 ACP. Everybody would gravitate towards the 45 ACP because it is a larger round and has more stopping power than a smaller 9mm. I remember being in a store one time and overheard one of the store clerks saying that when he got his concealed carry he would be getting a 45 ACP becuase it was superior to the 9mm. Hell, I’ve even had the debate with guys. Most of the guys I’ve had the debate with are old school guys with an old school mindset.

I’m not talking down 45 at all. I carried a concealed firearm chambered in 45 ACP for quite some time and was pretty damn accurate with it too. A combination of innovations in technology and plain old accuracy is what gives 9mm an edge over 45 ACP. Shot placement will always trump more stopping power. If you can accurately put rounds on target in the high A zone area of the upper body, then you’ve effectively shut down the threat.

In the following video, Dave Spaulding discusses his thoughts on selecting personal defense ammunition, what he recommends, and some real world examples of bullets pulled from victims of gun fights.

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