The news about Benghazi today centers around the capture and questioning of ringleader Abu Khatallah. With current concerns about Mirandizing Khatallah and trying him in American civilian courts, it seems that the current administration can’t do anything concerning Benghazi and the fallout from the attack without controversy.

SOFREP first reported on the attack on September 12, 2012, just hours after it occurred. Of course, we were in shock as we quickly learned of the loss of Glen Doherty, Brandon’s close friend, SEAL sniper training partner, and SOFREP NSW Editor.

Blake Miles attacked the notion that this was an uprising caused by an anti-Muhammad film, recognizing the planning and coordination of the attacks for what they were. We paid tribute to Glen Doherty and Ty Woods who, along with Sean Smith and Christopher Stevens, were killed in the attack, and you, our readers, poured in with condolences and good words for these fine men.

Jack followed news and intel sources concerning the Arab Spring and unrest at US embassies around the world. Mark Miller wrote about the accuracy and detailed knowledge of the attackers, and questioned whether a security breach preceded the attack.