On April 22 and 23 of last year, Mike Perry’s story about MSG Roy Benavidez received over 100,000 pageviews, an impressive traffic spike for an historical article.

As you can read in Mike’s post, Roy’s story is amazing, and not just because he earned the Medal of Honor. Roy’s story is all about perseverance and exceeding all expectations.

As Mike writes: Roy Benavidez’s war was over. Born in 1935, the stocky Texan of Mexican/Yaqui Indian descent, who had dropped out of school at 15 to help support his family, enlisted in the Army National Guard, then active Army and joined the fledgling Special Forces, now found his career and almost his life, torn apart. In 1965, while serving as an advisor to the ARVN (Army Republic of Vietnam), he stepped on a land mine. The explosion shredded his legs, leaving them useless.

And that was well before his famous mission.

MSG Roy Benavidez was a great Soldier, a great American, and a wonderful example of courage.

Read the story of MSG Roy Benavidez, and the next time you have yourself a shitty little day, ask yourself, “What would Roy do?”