We write a lot of stories here on SOFREP that cause some people to complain loudly when they suspect that we’re divulging some kind of ‘classified’ info. Seems like we scare the shit out of people just about every week.

Let’s take a look at a few of our posts on OPSEC just to clarify our position. We’ll call it, “OPSEC The SOFREP Way.”

The first is Jack Murphy’s Intelligence Support Activity, JSOC’s Most Secretive Unit, where he writes, “Today I want to draw your attention to a white paper titled Truth Conquers All Chains: The U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity, 1981-1989 by Jeffrey T. Richelson. This unit is so secretive that I don’t comment on it regarding my personal experiences, but I will point you guys towards some open source information.”

Jack then posts A Critical Look at The Command by Marc Ambinder and D.B. Grady, stating, “At SOFREP we make a concerted effort to get the best and most accurate information about the Special Operations community to our readers. Careful considerations are given to Operational Security as we have no interest in compromising operations or endangering soldier’s lives, so balancing these two can be tricky at times… This critique is intended as professional rather than personal criticism, but it is needed criticism. Because of OPSEC, not every incorrect statement made in The Command can be corrected.”