SOFREP is THE Special Operations Report, providing our readers with news and analysis from former military and Special Operations veterans. There are times when our analyses are directly relevant and very important to our ‘civilian’ readers. Especially when it comes to your personal security.

Special operators travel, they have families, homes, they go to Costco, Disneyland and In-N-Out, just like the rest of us. But what makes a special operator at home a little bit different from Joe Citizen is their mindset. They think in ways that keep them alert to their surroundings, they prepare their travels with escape in mind, they probably even train their families to think like an operator.

Our good friend at Escape The Wolf has written some great articles for SOFREP readers about your personal security. Today we’re going to revisit three of his posts that are especially important: How to Travel Safely in Foreign Countries, Travel Safety for Women and What To Do If You Encounter An Active Shooter or Terrorist.

As you read these tips, some of the methods may seem extreme to you. Just remember that this is not an exercise – this YOUR life and YOUR safety. Read and share this with your family and friends.