I sat there in the cafe, drinking my too-foamy latte. The beans had been burnt, no surprise there. I added honey to override the crap taste. It was raining, as it was prone to do this time of year.

The chill of the early November Autumn was working its way into the air. Just before, I had tucked into the Uni Qlo on the floor below to pick up an outer layer. I did this more so in the off chance that I would need to lose it quickly later, than I needed additional sniffle gear from the cool air. It was bright green, this outer layer. Xevious stitched into the back. Good ol’ retro. And if I was wearing it, someone looking for me would be looking for a bright green jogging jacket.

Shinjuku was a constant ant farm of urban activity. Getting there by bus at 5:00 am was about the only way you would ever see the place dead. Truly a wonder of nature, watching the busiest train station on Earth turn from ghost town into…well, the busiest train station in Earth.

Japan’s first Krispie Kreme was just across the tracks, and even after a couple of years to settle in, there was still a wait just to get a damn donut. So, I opted for this smaller cafe. I had brought my own food with me this time around, as I would only be here for the day. Sammiches; PB&J.