We are used to seeing China and even Russia shows off to the world ‘knock off’ copies of US jet fighter technology. Now we can add Iran to the list! The Iranians have put on display their infamous Qaher F-313 stealth jet but they have not show it in flight yet. Hmm…..

Watch the Iranian Built Qaher F-313 in Action!


Brand new military vehicles have been showcased in Iran, including the infamous Qaher F-313 jet, which many critics previously believed to be a hoax. Iranian President Rouhani said the country did not need “permission” to strengthen its armed forces.”

The taxi test of the new Qaher F-313 stealth fighter jet was performed during an exhibition at the Iranian Helicopter Support and Renewal Company (IHSRC) in Tehran on Saturday. Footage of the prototype taxiing along the runway was released by Iranian media.

It does not, however, take off.” – RT

Many are saying this aircraft is a hoax and cannot really fly. The reality is no one seems to know for sure but we do know that advanced technology is being obtained by the Iranians and most likely will not be used for peaceful purposes.

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Featured image of Iranian made Qaher F-313 stealth aircraft during taxi test by Tasnim News, via Wikimedia Commons