My search for an concealed carry mag pouch has taken me far and wide. I’ve looked at numerous options, purchased numerous options, and still found myself wanting something smaller and simpler. Well Blue Force Gear’s President’s Day sale introduced me to their belt mounted single pistol pouch. A couple clicks later it was on the way. Blue Force Gear makes great gear, and their pistol magazine pouch is no different.

My new concealed carry mag pouch


The BFG Pistol magazine pouch is stupid cheap. At only 20 bucks I couldn’t say no to it. Most other options are pretty damn expensive. That’s not to say these mag pouches aren’t worth the price, it’s just they aren’t worth it to me. I vary my concealed carry handgun and it can be a sub compact double stack, a single stack, or full sized double stack firearm. This leads us to the next reason I chose the BFG Pistol magazine pouch.

Easy and concealable


Most pistol magazine pouches are made for a particular style of handgun. This meant I’d have to spend quite a bit of money to outfit all of my carry guns with a magazine pouch. I’m not about that life. The BFG pistol magazine pouch uses Blue Force Gear’s Ten Speed elastic front to tightly hold single or double stack magazines. The mags can be compact or full sized. Although, you won’t squeeze a 33 round Glock mag securely in this mag pouch. This gives me concealed carry mag pouch for my multiple carry guns.

Walther PPS Single Stack Magazine

Versatility is continued because the Blue Force Gear concealed carry mag pouch can be worn either horizontally or vertically. Simply remove a single strap and it will run horizontal. I really like horizontal carry because it’s easier to conceal and lower profile. It is slower to draw from, but it’s a viable option when trying to dress low profile.

Double Stack MR9 Magazine fits too…

Because of the elastic material it can also hold knives, flashlights, multi tools, or whatever else you need. You can carry a good sized pocket knife vertically and very low profile if needed.


It’s an elastic magazine pouch that’s not a piece of Chinese crap. Blue Force Gear’s Ten Speed elastic has proven to be a reliable material for magazine pouches. I have a Vicker Ten Speed Chest rig that I adore so I was already confident in the material.


It’s held my Walther PPS magazine perfectly since I received it and the magazine has never budged or become loose. The reload dynamic is a lot different, and takes some training to overcome horizontal carry.
Overall the Blue Force Gear’s pistol magazine pouch is easy to carry with, simple, reliable, and very affordable. It’s half the price of some of my more expensive mag carriers and does more with less. if you want one of your one,. hit Blue Force Gear up here. They also have some rifle variants, a double pistol mag variant, and more.