President Biden sent Congress a whopping $33 billion request to provide additional aid for Ukraine. The funds are intended to supply the country with more weapons, as well as to provide humanitarian and economic support as the fighting enters its third month.

The request serves as a major move by the US to support Ukraine after the SecDef Austin announced that the one of the goals of the US was to see the Russian military incapacitated after the Russo-Ukrainian war over. Biden’s request also comes after the Senate passed a $1.5 trillion spending budget which included a $13.6 billion package in aid for Ukraine.

“What I want to make clear to the Congress and the American people is this: the cost of failing to stand up to violent aggression in Europe has always been higher than the cost of standing firm against such attacks,” Biden wrote in his letter to Congress.

The US, along with its allies, has opted to keep its troops out of Ukraine to prevent unwanted military escalation. However, Washington, together with several European governments, has begun shipping military equipment and weapons to Kyiv.