Bill Maher, the unapologetically outspoken political satirist, began his program Real Time Friday night by assessing the recent New York presidential primaries. The HBO host was, naturally, a bit crestfallen that his preferred candidate, Bernie Sanders, lost out to by 16 points to Hillary Clinton—and that his nemesis, Donald Trump, won his home state handily.

“The conventional wisdom is that it’s just Hillary and Trump. Those are our two choices,” said Maher during his monologue. “They both won big. Hillary was so stoked she was drinkin’ hot sauce right out of the bottle! Bernie never got a chance because they didn’t let independents vote in New York.”

The most controversial statement by Maher, however, came during the panel portion of the evening. Maher, joined by guests Van Jones, Lesley Stahl, and Charles Cooke, criticized the fear mongering on the part of Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz when it comes to ISIS, as well as their near-constant demand that America bulk up its military.

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