The West appears to have a blind spot concerning the ongoing crisis in Myanmar. Despite billions of dollars of military aid being provided to Ukraine, those same countries have barely reacted to Myanmar’s Feb. 1, 2021, military coup. This lack of response is highly concerning and sends a strong message that the West has particular preferences regarding intervening in international affairs. Meanwhile, it’s becoming more apparent that more needs to be done regarding this coup before Myanmar’s situation worsens. Countries worldwide must follow through with substantial and meaningful action to de-escalate tensions, hold those responsible for abuses accountable, and guarantee protection for all citizens in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s Plight

As of 2021, the situation in Myanmar is complex and volatile. In the wake of a military overthrow of a democratically elected government, the international community has been mostly silent on how to respond. This response is markedly different from other recent conflicts, such as Ukraine, where the West quickly condemned Russia’s involvement and called for greater international action. Let’s investigate why this difference exists between these two situations.