The Black Market is a global norm; it exists, and it’s tentacles attach to every nation and land. It prospers from the fact people want illegal things.

If you’re curious how strong anti-U.S. sentiment is around the world, look no further than ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Funding comes in subtle and not-so-subtle ways through the Black Market. But, none of it is aboveboard. Lately, there has been a realization that finances might unravel roots of terror. The Black Market is raging across the globe. Always, nations will in a state of lawlessness. That is because the Black Market prospers in uncertain environments.

Terror groups are strategic to both undermine law based society and America. ISIL and Al-Qaeda exist where cultures collide. They fill a vacuum of anarchy with organized havoc and violence. But they’re for hire and for a smuggler they’re an ideal partner. They provide relative safety and safe passage. At the same time, when a smuggler pays off a jihadi group, it’s also in support, because the US is the top dog in the war on drugs and corruption, globally. As such, terrorism undermines our global efforts.

In an interesting statement with remarkable clarity, Saudi ambassador to London wrote that ISIL is a symptom of global neglect. Terrorism fills a void and progresses the interests of many nation states. It’s because of corrupt leaders and nation states. It is all about money and thus, resources. Leaders are lining their pockets in self-interest and damning their people. Terrorists simply are militants with extreme beliefs. They’re not superhuman, but by allowing them to exist, they’ve become Frankenstein’s monster. It’s not fair to point the finger at the United States. It’s a global phenomenon.