Undisclosed US administration authorities have verified to a report that the US Navy drills in the Black Sea have been canceled due to the dangerous situation brought upon by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The exercise was previously referred to as “essential” in discouraging Russian aggression in Europe as it asserts “backing” of the US and NATO to Ukraine.

The major military exercises that were supposed to take place this summer in the Black Sea in Europe have been “canceled due to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine,” the official announced to the news agency last Monday.

Based on the information, in 2021, Sea Breeze had the participation of 32 vessels from NATO and its allies. During that year, the primary objectives of the drills were to train Ukrainian military personnel, as well as the headquarters and individual units of the Ukrainian Navy, for participation in joint operations with the armed forces of NATO member nations. In addition, increasing the level of interoperability was another one of the goals, along with gathering expertise in operational planning and conducting combat operations following NATO standards and procedures, among others.

Also, it noted that NATO has decided to undertake a more “slimmed down alternative” drill for Breeze 2022 off the coast of Bulgaria, specifically in the vicinity of the Bulgarian cities of Varna and Burgas, which are located near the Black Sea.