For over a month now I’ve been carrying my CZ P09 in the Black Storm Defense IWB holster. Before I started this month I was largely a fan of OWB carry and my everyday carry was a Walther PPS. The jump from a subcompact pistol to a full-sized handgun in a carry method I was never a fan of was a big one. There was only a few times I had to carry and alternative, smaller handgun. Even at work where the clothing regulations required a tucked in shirt, I carried the CZ and Black Storm Defense holster.

Comfort and the Black Storm Defense Holster.

At first, I’ll admit it was stiff and uncomfortable. The leather is thick and well made, but it takes time to break in. After a week of constant wear it broke in. By constant wear, I mean from the time I wake up and get dressed to the time I worked out I wore the gun. Once it broke in the comfort level increased exponentially.

The Black Storm Defense Holster - Final Review
Notice how its curved and fitted now that it is broken in.

There is zero chafing and the holster stands between the body and the gun perfectly to keep the gun from digging into the body. The body is never exposed to sharp edges and corners of the weapon. The leather on the Black Storm Defense holster fits perfectly in between the gun and the body.

The Black Storm Defense Holster - Final Review
Every Sharp Corner is blocked

Sitting, walking, driving, and even doing some physical labor is all comfortable. I’ve even napped with the holster and gun on. If you are like me and have had issues finding a comfortable IWB holster I will wholeheartedly recommend the Black Storm Defense holster.

Concealing with the Black Storm Defense Holster

Properly positioning it on my hip was another important consideration. Due to the size of the weapon if it was even slightly off from the proper position it showed. It was also quite uncomfortable with the muzzle digging in while I was in a seated position. I found the perfect position is for the gun to be directly in line with my armpit.

The Black Storm Defense Holster - Final Review
After weeks of wearing it, it is still mint.

The metal clips on the Black Storm Defense holster hold the weapon in place and resist any shifting or sliding when worn. The clips and the metal screws and bolts have been exposed to the elements, including generous amounts of sweat. However, with that being said they haven’t rusted or even taken a nick to the finish. They look the exact same they did on day one.

The Black Storm Defense Holster - Final Review
The Backside Bolts are still shiny


My outdoor range allows me a generous allowance to shoot from a variety of positions. So I got to draw and shoot from the standing, the kneeling, and the prone. I also got to draw and shoot on the move. A big reason I’m not a fan of IWB carry is it is slower to draw than OWB. That’s what I’ve found anyway. The Black Defense holsters hybrid nature does reduce this a bit since the tension from the pants is reduced by the kydex. However wearing a belt does still apply tension to the gun. Also since the gun rests against the body in a lot of positions the body gets in the way of a good grip.

Even so, you can train past it enough to ignore it. As a OWB carrier I’m used to a smoother and easier draw. As an IWB holster though it stays in place very well. We are talking going up and down into positions. The entire time the Black Storm Defense holster stayed in the same position. Drawing is of course quite simple. There is no retention device and you simply grip and rip the weapon. The weapon’s handle is exposed well enough to grab easily and draw rapidly. Lastly reholstering is easy and can be done safely.

Final Notes

The Black Storm Defense Holster is well made, comfortable and easy to use and to carry. I would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a solid IWB holster. While I find OWB a more comfortable option there needs to be something said about its limitations. It’s almost impossible to carry something as large as the CZ P09 OWB without printing or accidentally exposing the weapon. The IWB option does allow me to carry a bigger, easier to shoot firearms with a capacity three times that of my normal everyday carry. Everything’s a compromise when carrying a firearm. The Black Storm Defense does allow me to carry the biggest and easiest shooting gun I own.


This article courtesy of Travis Pike from The Loadout Room.