For over a month now I’ve been carrying my CZ P09 in the Black Storm Defense IWB holster. Before I started this month I was largely a fan of OWB carry and my everyday carry was a Walther PPS. The jump from a subcompact pistol to a full-sized handgun in a carry method I was never a fan of was a big one. There was only a few times I had to carry and alternative, smaller handgun. Even at work where the clothing regulations required a tucked in shirt, I carried the CZ and Black Storm Defense holster.

Comfort and the Black Storm Defense Holster.

At first, I’ll admit it was stiff and uncomfortable. The leather is thick and well made, but it takes time to break in. After a week of constant wear it broke in. By constant wear, I mean from the time I wake up and get dressed to the time I worked out I wore the gun. Once it broke in the comfort level increased exponentially.

The Black Storm Defense Holster - Final Review
Notice how its curved and fitted now that it is broken in.

There is zero chafing and the holster stands between the body and the gun perfectly to keep the gun from digging into the body. The body is never exposed to sharp edges and corners of the weapon. The leather on the Black Storm Defense holster fits perfectly in between the gun and the body.

The Black Storm Defense Holster - Final Review
Every Sharp Corner is blocked

Sitting, walking, driving, and even doing some physical labor is all comfortable. I’ve even napped with the holster and gun on. If you are like me and have had issues finding a comfortable IWB holster I will wholeheartedly recommend the Black Storm Defense holster.