A Ukrainian student has discovered a peculiar way to raise money for the military fighting against the Russian invasion by offering the public chance to send custom messages on artillery shells to the Russian forces before firing them for $40. The proceeds from the fundraising project will directly be used to arm the Ukrainian forces.

Anton Sokolenko, a 22-year-old IT student from Cherkasy in central Ukraine, shared that his message deal has raised thousands of dollars for local fighters. His ads are posted on social media platforms and forums such as Reddit.

“You have a chance to kill orcs with your text on a 152 mm artillery shell that will be fired at Russian soldiers,” reads one of Sokolenko’s promotional posts, using the common Ukrainian slur “Orc” against a Russian soldier. “You will receive a photo of your signed grenade.”

Sokolenko initially priced the donations at $40 per shell. However, due to popular demand and decreasing supply of artillery shells, the price has been raised to $100 per shell. If individuals availed of two, the price of a message would be $70.