Last week, we saw numerous deaths of multiple high-ranking military officials in Ukraine. This week is no different. Russia has lost yet another Russian General in its conquest of Ukraine. Major General Vladimir Frolov, the deputy commander of Russia’s 8th Army, was discovered to be killed in action as his funeral was held last Saturday at St. Petersburg’s Serafimovskoe Cemetery.

The death was confirmed by St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov, who attended the funeral. It was also confirmed by the city’s website through a statement of sympathy.

“Today, we say goodbye to a real hero. Vladimir Petrovich Frolov fell to the death of the brave in a battle with Ukrainian nationalists. He sacrificed his life so that children, women, and the elderly in the Donbas would no longer hear the explosions of bombs. To stop waiting for death and, leaving home, to say goodbye like the last time,” Beglov said.

“General Frolov is a hereditary soldier. His father went through the Great Patriotic War and fought with those who burned Khatyn. More than 70 years later, his son gave his life in the fight against a new generation of Nazis, whose hands bear the blood of those burned in the Odessa House of Trade Unions. A true patriot, a brave and brave man, he honestly and to the end fulfilled his military and human duty. People will not forget their heroes. Eternal memory to him,” he added.

The funeral of the Deputy Commander of the 8th Army, Major General Vladimir Frolov (Nexta). Source:
The funeral of the Deputy Commander of the 8th Army, Major General Vladimir Frolov (Nexta/Twitter)

The statement stresses that Frolov was a hero for protecting the civilians situated in Donbas and again called the Ukrainians a “new generation of Nazis,” which is not surprising as this was the premise of Russia’s invasion.

The circumstances behind his death are currently unknown as it was not elaborated on by either the Russians or the Ukrainians.

Frolov’s death is the latest blow to Putin’s military morale and supposed might. The death of 8 generals in a month and two weeks is extremely astonishing, according to military analysts, who say that its own organization and military doctrines are to blame. Furthermore, the observed lack of discipline and training among the Russian soldiers (a majority of them are conscripts, according to reports) is proving to be the most fatal to its invasion plans.

Prior to Frolov’s death, Lieutenant Colonel Denis Mezhuev, commander of the 1st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment, had also been killed in Ukraine. The circumstances of his death are also unknown. However, pro-Putin personalities such as Andrey Kovalev have announced his death and called for the recognition of the lieutenant colonel by awarding him the “Hero of Russia” award posthumously.