The Micro Trauma Kit NOW!, or Micro TKN, is the smallest version of the awesome Blue Force Trauma Kit NOW! for every day carry.  It puts high quality state of the art trauma care on your belt. When you or your friends are bleeding, seconds count. The right gear saves lives and limbs.

Don’t know much about gear? Just buy a Micro TKN, Blue Force Gear has done all the thinking and the shopping for you. This is the best stuff there is.

Warning: Every one needs basic medical training.  If I had my way, Basic Emergency Medical Training would be a required class to graduate high school. In trauma training, you are taught that no matter who gets there first, Trauma Surgeon or Boy Scout, the initial treatment is the same.  If you don’t know MARCH, go get some training, medical kit worse than useless without proper training.

Once you have training, you need a little bit of basic gear. It needs to be on your body and you must be able to access it.  The Micro TKN is constructed to be worn horizontally and is less bulky than the typical pouch, which makes it ideal for everyday carry by law enforcement professionals, low-profile mission sets and prepared civilians.

Using the Micro TKN, deployment of critical first aid supplies can be done with one hand or a single finger from either the left or right side by pulling the BLIP featured pull tabs.  The Micro TKN consists of two main components – the outer MOLLE or Belt mounted pouch utilizing the Ten-Speed technology, and a removable insert that keeps medical supplies organized.


This Trauma Kit was designed around a specific medical supply load out specifically designed for small form, low bulk applications.  This is everything you need with nothing extra. That is how they make it so small.