The Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Chest Rig is a simple chest rig that serves a purpose. This lightweight, comfortable fitting chest rig is certainly a product of the times. Not that long ago the tactical market had a ‘bigger is better’ mentality. Products were coming out that were designed to provide as much coverage as possible, and as much MOLLE and PALS webbing as they could fit onto a piece of kit. Around 2010 things started changing, and troops in Afghanistan were taking a minimalist approach. This Blue Force Gear chest rig really represents a minimalist approach.

Approaching the basics

This kit is designed to hold the most basic essentials for a firefight. Namely ammunition, and maybe an IFAK. The Blue Force Gear chest rig isn’t designed for Marines patrolling 10 clicks in Helmand province. It’s designed for those who need to quickly don a kit they don’t normally need. For example, most police officers carry a rifle in their car, but many don’t carry extra mags on their belt.

Blue Force Gear Chest Rig | Review and Range time

When the rifle is pulled into play the situation has grown quite serious and having extra ammo on hand can be a literal lifesaver. The Blue Force gear chest rig is easy and quick to don. Toss it on, secure a buckle and you are ready to go. The kit itself is quite small and very portable. It can be stored anywhere and accessed with ease.