This year at SHOT Show 2017 I spent quite some time at the Blue Force Gear booth looking at what they were showcasing for 2017. One of the products they were really focusing on is their Micro Trauma Kit Now.

With all the crime, terrorism, and active shooters we hear about each and every day on the news, medical training and medical kits are becoming a necessary thing. In the past it has been difficult to carry a tourniquet or medical kit on your person due to the bulk and size of the kits. Let’s face it, if the kit is too large or too bulky, you’re not going to carry it on your person.

Blue Force Gear has designed a low-vis and lightweight (only 10 ounces!) Micro Trauma Kit. We have reviewed this kit already on the Loadout Room, but I wanted to bring it up again because it is that important. While I was at the Blue Force Gear booth, Travis Hall happened to be there talking about the RATs tourniquet and the Micro Trauma Kit. Travis Hall is a former Army 18 Delta Medic and has put his medical skills to work in austere environments keeping his guys alive. He is now using his experience and skills to come alongside Blue Force Gear to develop the Micro Trauma Kit.

Travis Hall talks about having a tourniquet and trauma kit on you at all times.

The MicroTKN is available as the pouch only or as a fully stocked kit with the following items:

Blue Force Gear MicroTKN | Low Vis Trauma Kit