Blue Force Gear is one of the best gear manufacturers in the United States. They make a wide variety of gear that often revolves around slings, chest rigs, and pouches. What’s new this year is their pocket holster. Blue Force Gear doesn’t make holsters, well they didn’t. Their jump into the holster market is pretty simple. A pocket holster isn’t hard to design, and there isn’t much to it. Blue Force Gear’s pocket holster is a little bit different.

Blue Force Gear’s Pocket Holster

Changing the typical design is harder than actually designing so simple. Instead of going crazy and trying to rebuild the mouse trap, Blue Force Gear improved it. To help fit a wider variety of pockets Blue Force gear decided to make the holster as thin as possible.

The Blue Force Gear Pocket Holster – Shot Show

A thin pocket holster makes a whole lot of sense. Look how many companies are releasing super small, super thin single stack concealed carry handguns? Why have a thick holster with a thin gun? Blue Force Gear’s pocket holster is superbly thin, nearly paper thin. Even then it maintains it’s ability to hold a gun surely. I’d imagine it’s comfortable to wear, but I didn’t wear it so I can’t say. The holster feels nice and strong, and I was surprised at how thin Blue Force Gear’s pocket holster is.

Blue Force Gear’s pocket holster is made for the following weapons

Sig 938
Sig 238
Kimber Micro
Ruger LCP
Glock 42
(A J frame variant will be coming soon.)

I’m excited to see how this holster holds up, and hopefully get my hands on one soon. If you’re interested the holster should be out pretty soon. A big thanks to the guys at Blue Force Gear for taking the time to show me everything, and for the sweet patch. If you don’t know who Blue Force Gear is, stop being a boot and check them out here.