Blue Force Gear’s reputation for innovating and creating gear is one unsurpassed by most companies. Their gear is well-known for a reason and the choice of the United States military and police officers around the country. The Ten Speed Pistol Pouch is a small, simple piece of gear that it perfect for most load outs. Like most of Blue Force Gear’s pouches they are well made and innovative. The Ten Speed Pistol pouch is a dual magazine pouch that is designed to be attached to any MOLLE system.

The Ten Speed Pistol Pouch compatibility

This makes these pouches compatible with almost all modern gear. They fit absolutely perfectly on the Ten Speed Vickers chest rigbut are also compatible with my Telor Tactical belt, my Tactical Tailor active shooter bag, and nearly anything else with a little webbing on it.

Ten Speed Pistol Pouch - Mini Review

The Ten Speed Pistol pouch utilizes passive retention with friction retention. Since the pouches are made of high-quality synthetic materials the use of elastic isn’t a surprise. The pouch is made with an elastic front, the thin Helium Whisper attachment system, and Ultracomp. The use of elastic allows the pouches to comfortably carry anything from single stack 1911 magazines to double stack CZ P09 magazines without issue. Blue Force Gear claims the pouch can hold an HK 45 magazine. The pouches can easily hold flashlights, multi-tools, or chem lights.

Ten Speed Pistol Pouch - Mini Review

Size Matters

These pouches are super thin and when not in use they are instantly out-of-the-way. Low profile is probably the best way to describe the Ten Speed pistol pouch. It’s a very lightweight pouch, 60% lighter than the competition. The MOLLE straps on the back are super thin and very easy to weave in and out of a webbing system.

Function over Form

These pouches certainly don’t look high-speed and sexy. They are simple and don’t necessarily stand out. These aren’t designed for concealed carry, so they are best used when tied to other gear. Once in place, they do not sag or droop in any way. The open top design is obviously very easy to draw from, and nothing gets in the way. The magazines are held close together, but just far enough apart to make them easy to grip and rip. The elastic holds all 21 rounds of 9mm in my CZ P09 without issue. They don’t fall out, and are retained very well.

Ten Speed Pistol Pouch - Mini Review
Quality Materials are used in all BFG products

I’d suggest the Ten Speed pistol pouch to anyone who needs a simple and effective pistol mag pouch for their chest rig, plate carrier or war belt. Simple and effective and the best descriptors for quality gear.

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