In todays market there is a myriad of mag pouches to choose from. They range from low-profile to very secure. Its a rarity to have a piece of kit that can do both without compromising the other. In my opinion, the Blue Force Gear Triple Mag Pouch is the way forward. They provide a solid grip on the magazine like no other I’ve used and trust me when I say ‘you put your magazines in these and they’re going nowhere.’

They’re are highly versatile and work on different mags – 5.45, 7.62, 5.56, no problem. While in my last area of operations (AO), I used AK-74s and AK-47 magazines with zero issues.  The 7.62 are bit tight, but they still work very well. While working, I have mainly used the 74s with 30 round mags and one 45 round mag. Even with the weight of the 45 round mag in these pouches, there’s been zero movement with any force I’ve throw their way.

One downside is you can forget about a tactical/combat reload of placing the empty mag back into the Blue Force Gear Triple Mag Pouch. During this situation, there is no way you will get a mag back in these pouches. I’ve tried and tried repeatedly, but maybe I’m just not as good as those tactical gods out there. Maybe there is an operator out there who can do this, but it’s not me. Spend the mag, dump it in a cargo pocket, reload, and crack on.