Bolstering the survivability, connectivity, and capability of the United States Army’s aging CH-47 Chinook and AH-64 Apache helicopters, Boeing, the renowned aerospace giant and manufacturer of both aircraft, recently revealed its ambitious upgrade plans.

These upgrades are set to transform the decades-old workhorses and enhance their performance in various operational environments.

The US Army is nearing a crucial decision regarding the extent of investment in Chinook Block II helicopter upgrades and is firmly committed to acquiring a new engine and the latest software version for the Apache attack helicopters. Nevertheless, Boeing’s innovations are paving the way for the service to breathe new life into its legacy helicopters.

Flight Control Upgrades: Making High-Stake Missions Safer

Mark Ballew, the Senior Director for Vertical Lift Business Development at Boeing, recently unveiled how the work on the Chinook heavy-lift program directly affects the company’s proposals for Apache attack helicopter upgrades.