When we invest our money into gear, the goal is to be able to use it, and store it for years to come. The problem then becomes, how do we store it safely without going broke in the process? Over the years, I have personally had the unfortunate experience of losing expensive DSLR cameras, and lenses because I lacked storage solutions that could withstand the environmental conditions I exposed them to. I’ve tried storing equipment in polymer cases purchased from, Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, and several other big name retailers. They all failed me at one time or another. The only brand of case that have withstood my use and abuse were ones made by Pelican Products, whose cases are known around the world for their durability. Naturally, you can understand my skepticism when three cases arrived in the mail from a company I had never heard of before, the Boulder Case Company.

When my package of items arrived it contained the J1000, J2000, and J3000 series cases from the Boulder Case Company. I performed a quick inspection to check for damage, and to get a better understanding of what type of case I was dealing with. My initial impression was, indifference. These cases seemed to be similar to other brands of cases, and featured standard locking mechanisms commonly found on other cases. I then began to formulate my plans for a series of true Alaskan style torture tests. Before we get into the details of the tests I performed, lets look at the specifications of the cases.


  • J1000: Length 4.40″  Width 3.05″ Depth: 1.40″
  • J2000: Length 6.47″ Width 4.13″ Depth: 1.64″
  • J3000: Length 8.38″ Width 4.66″ Depth: 1.88″

Colors Available:

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