A 17-year-old Houston hero was on his way to the doctor’s office Sunday when he stopped to help a man crying in pain on the ground. It wasn’t until later that Nicolas Latiolais realized the man suffered from gunshot wounds—and that the shooting was ongoing. 

“I thought it was just a car accident,” Latiolais told The Daily Beast. “There were three other people on the scene. They were just looking down on the man while he was screaming, ‘help me, help me’ and grabbing his leg.”

Unbeknownst to Latiolais, he’d stumbled upon a mass shooting in his quiet Houston neighborhood. A gunman opened fire at the Memorial Drive Tire & Auto a little after 10 a.m. One man, in his 50s, was shot and killed, and six others were injured. The shooter even fired five shots into a police helicopter before being taken down. 

Latiolais sprang into action. He asked the man to remove his suit vest and started working on his wounds, all while asking the bystanders to call 9-1-1. But when the teen asked the victim what happened, the man told him: “I’ve been shot.”

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