Just yesterday, SOFREP explored the possibility of North Korea taunting the United States with nuclear attacks. Then, hours before pushing the report out, North Korea fired a missile that went over Japan and smashed into the Pacific. Earlier today, South Korea tried to respond by firing their own missile, only to end in frantic alarm and failure.

South Korean military has tried to launch a ballistic missile in a joint drill with the United States in the coastal city of Gangneung, the location of the South Korean Air Force Base. However, the military only confirmed the failure hours after the residents reported explosions around the area. Some residents said they saw bright flashes and heard explosions in the area, and the electricity was cut off. This left many in the dark for hours.

Gangneung’s fire department and city hall emergency workers were also called to the site, but they were sent back by military officials. During the supposed drills, the South Korean military reportedly conducted bombing runs by F-15 strike jets and launched two missiles as part of the Army Tactical Missile System.

The USS Ronald Raegan is also scheduled to return to sea (east of Korea) today to demonstrate the US’ “firm will” to ally with South Korea and to counter North Korea’s provocations.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed there were no injuries or casualties because of the explosion. The military also noted that the short-ranged Hyunmoo-2 missile crashed inside the air force base. A Joint Chiefs of Staff official told AP that the fire was caused by the burning rocket propellant and not by the missile itself.