Great Britain’s Royal Marine Commandos or, officially, The Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, have long held an illustrious and storied place in the history of the Islands Armed Forces.

From its creation in 1755, the Marines served a dual purpose of providing ship security and maintaining discipline among the sailors. When battles occurred, they provided an elite force to board and capture enemy vessels. With these skills, they proved their mettle in major naval engagements during the Napoleonic wars and enforcing the Empire’s anti-piracy, anti slavery policies.

They continued their successes into the Second World War when their role changed from being light infantry to providing specialized training to Commandos. And in 1942, Commando was added to their name and they remain the only unit to use it.

Royal Marine Commando Shoulder Flash and Badges.After 1945, they continued operations all across the globe, pioneering such acts as the first helicopter assault during the 1956 Suez Crisis, and helping defeat the Malayan insurgency.