British Royal Navy divers had to don chemical protection suits while diving on a lake to recover mustard gas canisters left over from World War II. British police asked for the Navy’s help after several canisters were discovered in Roughton Woods, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.

The still deadly gas was found by two people who were digging for bottles. After the military was called in, military divers inspected the bottom of the lake only to find ten 70-year-old mustard gas bombs on the bottom.

The area was cordoned off from October 1, while the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Dive Team, Army Bomb Disposal, fire and rescue, ambulance service, Environment Agency and police carried out the eight-day operation.

‘With reports of other people suffering from mustard agent poisoning, full bio-hazard precautions were taken – diving in a chemical environment wearing cumbersome personal protection equipment, then undergoing full decontamination at every stage.