Bold members of Britain’s Special Air Service donned the full-length garments of Muslim women while conducting a raid of a bunker housing Islamic terrorists, the U.K.’s Daily Express reported.

The brave operation took place earlier this month, in the same vicinity where the infamous British rebel Jihadi John was blown up in a drone strike.

The eight-man SAS squad was able to sneak through the Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa and take down a jihadi commander in his own home, all while wearing burqas.

Posing as the wives of Islamic State chiefs, they managed to forge their way through to the group’s headquarters.The SAS members, who came prepared by hiding assault weapons, grenades and ammo beneath the ankle-length gowns, also killed several jihadi fighters, lifting the veil-like garments to open fire on the bewildered militants, who had no time to react.

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