What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood is both a religious and political group. Its fundamental belief is that Islam is not merely a religion, but a way of life. They want to export and extend that way of life across the Arab world; then, keeping to their belief, the world. It is a formal Islamic group and movement that represents a desire to return to the rules outlined in the Quran and a rejection of secularism. They believe that Islamic law is the purest and healthiest set of rules for families, communities, and nations.

This series is an attempt to understand the Muslim brotherhood, and its recent rise in Jordan. Here is part one.

Everyone thought the Muslim Brotherhood was on the outs, pushed out of Jordan. The central government views the Muslim Brotherhood like a contagion. It’s true in a sense; their ideas have power, and we’ve seen how those ideas can spread into something terrible. Egypt, under Morsi, fell to the control of the Muslim Brotherhood, an effort a long time in the making that came to fruition. They proved they can effectively wage a cultural and social campaign, and prevail. While their time was short lived, the world should heed the lessons learned in Egypt.

Today, Turkey is under siege to Muslim Brotherhood fanatics – or so their critics claim. But rumors are abound that they support Sunni extremist groups as an action arm to their political agenda against a Shia, as well as a Kurdish state. However, we can’t control Turkey, that’s for sure. And whether or not their behavior is with the best intentions is yet to be seen. Jordan is who we ought to be concerned about.

Muslim Brotherhood structure in Jordan

Islamic Action Front (IAF) – Muslim Brotherhood political arm. Registered political party since 1992.

Muslim Brotherhood Group (MBG) – Main Muslim Brotherhood body.