Plate carriers are an essential bit off kit for anyone operating in a hazardous environment. At some point, you will need the protection – whether in the PMC industry, law enforcement, or the Military. Choosing the right one can be difficult due to the plethora of products available on the market. No matter the price range, they all do the same thing: hold plates that will stop bullets and shrapnel.

From inexpensive to the make you want to cry price-tag, over the next few months I’ll be testing a range of plate carries available in today’s market. The first plate carrier I’ll cover is the Flyye Industries Fast Attack Gen 1 Plate Carrier.

Recently, I came into an unfortunate situation and was using a Polish plate carrier with no name or brand. It was borrowed from a friend but seemed very similar to the FLYYE Fast Attack until while training with my team, it decided to disintegrate. I learned my lesson and knew it was time to move on. At the time, I didn’t have a lot of cashflow, so I needed an inexpensive replacement, and fast. Enter the Flyye Fast Attack.

Due to availability, I got my hands on a Flyye Fast Attack Plate Carrier fairly quickly. As many know, there’s not much difference in the low-profile systems out there. Most come with a light and slim build with no padding on the front or back plates. Also, this style provides zero protection on the sides but does increase speed and maneuverability. It all depends on what you want out of a plate carrier – all-round protection or lightweight speed and agility.