80percentglock has complete Glock 23 parts kits from police trade-ins.  All you need to add is a bare frame and a magazine and you are off to the range. This mid-size .40 cal kit is perfect for completing your Poly80 Compact and by far the best way to get a complete set of Glock OEM parts for your gun.

Congratulations, you finished your PF940C 80% Polymer Frame, or maybe you are doing some homework before you build one. Perhaps you got a deal on a stripped OEM frame. Getting the frame is easy, but what about the rest of the parts? Even if you are a Glock Armorer, OEM parts ad up.

Going with after market parts has some appeal but you won’t find everything you need and there can be fit issues. If you are starting with an 80% frame, chances are that it isn’t completely up to factory specs. Add parts that aren’t quite right and you may end up with a gun that doesn’t fire for no obvious reason.

I have long been an advocate of police turn in guns, since we already paid for them, it is like a little tax return. Police don’t shoot much (compared to civilian competitors) and their guns are usually in pretty good shape. When I saw that the 80percentglock Glock 23 parts kit came from police trade-ins, I jumped on it. This is what you see on their website:

Below is the .40 cal kit I got from them in the mail and my Poly 80 compact.


I got a G-23 kit that was complete, numbers matched and in very good shape. It is easy, even for a Glock armorer to forget about some of the minor frame parts (Magazine Catch spring got me the first time). This kit has everything so you don’t have to go online and order something else. It looked better than my own G-19. The parts showed little wear, the slide stop was still all black. Every thing went together just as it should.

The kit came with a standard unmarked connector and I kept all OEM parts. For some reason, I perceive the trigger in the PF940C frame to be a pound or so lighter than a factory trigger. I liked this smooth trigger very much. I also like the cut out around the magazine release.

I had built a 9mm, but I used scrounged spare parts for the frame and had to take the slide and barrel off my G-19. Not the best solution. Initially, I was skeptical that the Poly80 frames would hold up. After 1000 rounds through the 9mm, I decided that two sets of steel inserts were good enough for .40.

My first trip to the range, I was very impressed. I had 300 rounds of Armscor 40 S&W 180gr JHP and shot it all the first day. The targets above show that the gun and this ammo shot better than I can hold. The 15 yard group in the head measured no more than 4 inches including the flyer that was all me. I was a little surprised at how much fun it was to shoot.

I am now 1000 rounds into this gun. There is no sign of wear or damage on the frame and I could not be happier with the performance.

You can get your very own G23 Police Trade in Kit HERE  $375.00

Need a PF940C 80% Polymer Frame? They have those too right HERE  $149.99

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This article is courtesy of Mark Miller from The Loadout Room.