Some people like the smell of swaddled babies but some of us like the smell of gun oil and gun smoke in the morning. Babies are a bundle of joy, it’s true– but let me fill you in on another (far less expensive) joy filled bundle.

Bundle contents

I recently installed the Operator II M-Lok bundle in Dirty Olive on the Light Weight AR I put together for my wife.

The bundle from VZ comes with three 2” or 4” rail panels, a hand stop, and a grip. The Operator II grip is aggressive (which I love) and really functional. If you’re a muzzle control freak, you’ll dig this setup. Granted the grip may be too aggressive for some, but the bundle is offered in other famous VZ patterns. I’d recommend you check out the Alien or Frag pattern. In a pinch, these could be sanded a bit to customize to your liking, but you’re better off purchasing the most suitable pattern for your requirements and sticking with the factory configuration.