A California County D.A.’s office today announced quietly that it’s has certified a new back up duty sidearm for the members of its investigation bureau. Santa Cruz County, California today made it official, after partnering with Fresno, California based T and L Tactical the county went against the grain of convention law enforcement thinking and selected Gainesville,Georgia based Honor Defense.

Members of the Santa Cruz County Firearms Training Unit performed the field testing as well as a series of range trials during the search. They paid particular attention to the accuracy portion of the test to see how the 3.2″ barrel would respond with a variety of duty ammo. The evaluators all praised the Honor Defense pistols for their fit, finish and the high degree of controllability.

The fact any member of law enforcement went outside of the more traditional gun manufacturers that cater to the law enforcement community is a particular shock to me. I am curious as to why the Smith & Wesson Shield or the Glock 26 weren’t selected. Looking at the specifications of the Honor Defense pistols side by side with the previously mentioned S&W Shield and Glock 26, it would appear there is very little difference. Curious indeed.

Honor Defense 2
Check out that texturing

I am in the process of reaching out to the Santa Cruz County District Attorney to see if I can speak with someone about their search and what turned them away from the bigger named gun manufacturers. I will report back what I find, until then I have listed some of the specifications that were released on these guns.


  • Striker fired design
  • 7lb trigger
  •  Unique checking pattern
  •  Top slide serrations
  •  Ambidextrous controls
  • Stainless steel chassis system
  • Replaceable backstraps
  • 100% Made in the United States

Hope you enjoyed this piece of gun news, if you see or hear anything in the gun news world, drop us a line in the comments section and we would love to hear about it.

All Images Courtesy of www.honordefense.com