In 2016, California has decided that the bullet button should be illegal.  Existing guns may be registered as “California Assault Weapons,”but must be destroyed, taken out of state or turned over to law enforcement upon the registered owners death.  It is a generational confiscation.

It was thought that once guns were registered, they would no longer require the bullet button, if they became registered  “California Assault Weapons.”  The law did not specify this, but the California Department of Justice has proposed new regulations to create felons from lawful citizens.  In a related story, illegal aliens are protected and get drivers licenses.

New draft policy HERE

If you don’t know what bullet button is, consider yourself lucky.  You should know, because Bloomburg and Soros are spending millions to change your state laws.

They will never stop.  Their idea of reasonable restriction is prohibition.  Watch California and learn.


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This article is courtesy of Mark Miller from The Arms Guide.