Because of the recent jimmie-rustling about us and the Warfighter Foundation, they have lost some support; some have left, some have been pressured to leave.  As such, they’ve had to scale back or re-assess some of their operations.  The Everest Base Camp expedition has been scrubbed, and they have had to re-tool their next 100 mile hike.

They need help. At SOFREP, we stand by our brothers, and our friends.  So we’re going to help them out.  They need $2500 for this operation, and SOFREP is going to put up the first $1000.  Anything we collect past $2500 will be split evenly between the Warfighter Foundation and the Red Circle Foundation.

We have closed this donation drive, but continue to support the efforts of The Warfighter Foundation. Please donate to them today.