Earlier this week, Noor Fadel, a Canadian Muslim girl was slapped and physically assaulted by a man on Vancouver’s Canada Line train on her way home from work. She told MEE that he allegedly screamed at her in “classical Arabic” with what seemed like a “French accent”.

“He said in Arabic: “Go back to your country! I’m going to kill you and kill all Muslims!” Fadel said. “Then he tried to grab my hijab and pull it off and tried to force my head towards his crotch, shouting obscenities in Arabic like qus omek (f*** your mother).”

According to Fadel, dozens of onlookers hid behind their phones and stood idle as she was being assaulted, except for 21-year-old Jake Taylor, who intervened to protect her.

When I went to help Noor, I didn’t notice the hijab at all, only a smaller, younger person being attacked by a bigger, older man.”