If you have ever watched an action movie with a Veteran I am sure you have heard something like, “F#&k that, it doesn’t look like that”, or “Really?! A giant ball of fire…”. On a regular basis hollywood either unintentionally gets action scenes wrong, or they just don’t care enough to get them right. With so many combat Veterans readily available, it’s hard to understand how this trend goes on. This could be said for a lot of fields: firefighter, police, contractors, nurses, doctors, etc, etc.

Is it really that big of a deal? Well I always found it strange when a movie geared towards the Veteran/Hunter/Outdoor/etc didn’t bother with authenticity. I mean, if you were trying to market towards baseball fans wouldn’t you get all the details about baseball correct? I also think it is a matter of respect. Especially when you are attempting to depict events that have actually taken place. I get that there is, and always will be, a market for cheesy action movies, hell I like cheesy actions movies also. However, when trying to create an authentic experience, the attention to detail is paramount.

Lets take a look at three examples: claymore, rocket (RPG/AT4), and grenade. Then we will see how they actually look.

Hollywood Claymore: (Video from the movie Swordfish, retrieved from Movieclips YouTube channel).

Hollywood Grenade: (Video from the movie Missing in Action, retrieved from Movieclips YouTube channel).

Hollywood Rocket: (Video from the movie White House Down, retrieved from Movieclips coming soon YouTube channel).