Putin’s forces captured Ukrainian Aiden Aslin and British national Shaun Pinner after they defended the Ukrainian city of Mariupol with the Marines of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Aslin looked battered and bruised during an appearance on state television where he echoed Russian propaganda, possibly against his will. On the other hand, Pinner looked relatively unscathed, aside from being fatigued and pale and showing some discoloration around the nose and under his eyes.

Aslin, 28 years old (some say 27), originally came from Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire, England. Unlike most volunteer fighters in Ukraine, he was no newcomer in the country. He had been with the Ukrainian military as a marine since 2018 and was engaged to a Ukrainian national. Aslin has been reported to be residing in Ukraine for several years and hold a Ukrainian citizenship.

He was part of the defending force in the besieged city of Mariupol, which had been heavily surrounded by Russian forces for the past weeks after suffering from numerous attacks on civilians. Unfortunately, according to reports, their unit was forced to surrender due to low ammunition and supplies.

Pinner, on the other hand, is a 48-year-old former British soldier from Bedfordshire who had also been captured by the Russians while fighting in Mariupol. He was reportedly part of the 36th Marine Brigade. Pinner is also not a newcomer to Ukraine as he moved to the country four years ago as he married a Ukrainian. They lived together in Donbas for four years.