For those who are either precision shooters or want to get into precision shooting the Caracal CS308 is something you may want to take a look at.  I know that in today’s precision competition community, the .308 isn’t a favored round, especially when going up against the 338 and 6.5 calibers.  The .308 isn’t a caliber that can not perform, after all, this is the caliber that most modern snipers in the US military train and deploy with. In order to be proficient with the .308 caliber, it does take a lot of knowledge understanding ballistics, something I think every precision shooter should have in their personal toolbox.

What I like about the Caracal CS308 is the unique mixture of the AR and sleek “modern-day” bolt gun look.  The hand rail feels “right” for anyone who is familiar with the AR rail and makes it easier for the shooter making those quick snap shots on the move, giving you the slim/sleek rail to gain a strong grip and maintain positive control. The aerospace grade aluminum stock keeps the rifle light weight and doesn’t become a “burden” when carrying over long a distance.

The sniper rifle will also be available in 338LM caliber with manually operated bolt-action from a 5 round magazine.

  • Caliber.308
  • Muzzle Velocity (m/s)900-1000
  • Effective Range (m)600-800
  • Barrel Length (mm)720
  • Barrel Twist Rate (in)(1:10)- (1:11)- (1:12)
  • Length (mm)1275
  • Height (mm)208
  • Width (mm)53
  • Weight (Kg)6,8
  • Operation Bolt action
  • Recoil Absorption System N/A
  • Feed System 5 round detachable magazine
  • Safety Unit On trigger
  • Trigger 2-Stage2-Stage Fully adjustable
  • Hooked shape trigger
  • Stock Aerospace grade aluminum
  • Detachable and adjustable
  • Receiver Aerospace grade aluminum
  • Bolt Stainless steel
This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.