Many of us in 2016 have changed our defensive posture in direct response to the last few years increasing level of domestic chaos that seems to dominate every news channel. The situation many of us find ourselves in is that we often practice conceal carrying our weapons on ourselves day to day. That sometimes leads to complacency so we here at the site have decided to bring you a few videos on CCW Tips. When I first started practicing CCW on a semi regular basis I always wondered how I would go about drawing my pistol if, god forbid I had to fight from my car. It’s not as far fetched as some would have you think.

Having no idea where to turn, because to be honest the firearms trainers around me locally treat many questions like the ones I was asking like you have an IQ of 61. There seems to be a rash of issues lately with alot of trainers not offering scenarios that the average person would face. Now I totally understand learning to fight from a vehicle with a full kit consisting of plate carrier, extra mags, flashlights and headgear if you are training as a defense contractor. That scenario frankly is useless to 95% of people in the United States. The more likely scenario is Joe 6 pack in a car with just a pistol and a spare magazine.

This brings us to the point of this video where many have been waiting for, Adam Painchaud, the Director at Sig Academy shows us some options for CCW use while seated in a vehicle. One of the great things about this video is that Adam uses a stock Sig Sauer pistol and holster that any of us go easily purchase. The second thing about this video I like is that he goes threw the drills at normal speed and at a slower speed so we can follow along at home if we wish.

This article courtesy of The Arms Guide.