Last week Fighter Sweep reported to you that the F-35 would not be attending the Paris Air Show this summer. The word from a defense official was that the F-35 was not invited to attend but a spokesperson for air show organizing committee said an invitation was sent. Sounds like a lack of communication somewhere along the way!

Today, all that ‘confusion’ seems to be in the past as Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein says the 5th generation stealth fighter jet will be attending the huge air show.

The F-35A strengthens partnerships and improves regional stability,” said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein in a statement Saturday. “We welcome the opportunity to further demonstrate the revolutionary capabilities of this aircraft.”

The reversal comes nearly two weeks after officials said the fifth-generation fighter was not invited by the French to make an appearance at Le Bourget Airfield outside Paris.

Another official said the Air Force wouldn’t typically send just one jet on a trans-Atlantic flight; it might send a handful in case one has a maintenance issue. “Although it may be one jet appearing at the airshow,” the official said. – DoDBuzz

Well, we are sure glad that is all cleared up now! Good luck to the Air Force personnel making the trip. The Paris Air Show is a major event in the aviation world and it makes perfect sense that the F-35 should be there and putting on an awesome display of air power.

Question: There is only one base with operational F-35As. Do you know what base that is and where they are located? Comment below.

Featured image by US Air Force