This time the G20 was different. Intentionally so. The Chinese had prepared it and planned it to be so.  Yet, as always, with the G20 meetings, there was little that is tangible to show for it all. No big solutions. No ‘in the margins’ progress on Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, or on a supposed ploy to manage the oil market. Just the usual, pre-cooked, bland communiqué about the need for growth. Mostly, participants rehearsed their familiar stances (this was so for the Syria and Ukraine discussions: Merkel and Hollande had a case of cold feet about talking to Putin without Poroshenko being present – as had originally been scheduled).  So, how was this G20 different? Well, if one listens carefully, one might just detect the footsteps of change – of a new ‘order’ readying itself to step onto the stage (at the apposite moment).  The sound of these footsteps were intentionally ‘softened’ – designed to allow for a peaceful rise of a new global leadership. The watchword here was ‘change without upheaval’.

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