When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed her visit to Taiwan amid several warnings from China, it ramped up long-simmering Chinese hostility to the West and Taiwan China.

China treats any US support to Taiwan as a dismissal of its claim on sovereignty in the region. They are claiming Taiwan as a province and an area that can easily be annexed by force (if necessary).

There are supporting nations that back Taiwan, and though the US has not released any official statement to formally recognize Taiwan outside China’s sovereignty, the US Navy’s on the move.

On Sunday, the USS Antietam and the USS Chancellors conducted a “routine Taiwan Strait transit,” following international law. The Navy released in their statement that they are passing “through waters where high seas freedoms of navigation and overflight apply.”

US Navy
(Source: US7thFleet/Twitter Screengrab)

“The ship’s transit through the Taiwan Straight demonstrates the United States’ commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific. The United States military flies, sails and operates anywhere international law allows.”

But, China and its Communists do not see it that way.

“The troops of the PLA Eastern Theater Command always stay on high alert and get ready to thwart any provocation,” said senior Col. Shi Yi, spokesperson for the People Liberation Army’s Eastern Theater Command.

China’s claiming this could be interpreted as a direct provocation even though Taiwan’s defense ministry said they detected 23 Chinese aircraft and eight Chinese ships operating around their shores.